UX, UI Design, Logos, Websites, Apps & Experiences.

I am a UX Designer who helps to connect user needs with products and services goals in many industries. It's not about only understand people's needs, but fit into their shoes.

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About me

I have worked with many startups, agencies and brands around the world for clients like Walmart, Diageo, Mozilla, Puma, Smirnoff, Diners & IBM.

My professional career started back in 2003, after having completed my studies on Computer Engineering. I started developing software for small companies back then, but the market and early stages of the internet were suggesting new roles so I also studied Graphic Design.

After graduating as Graphic Designer in 2007, I stopped developing and started to work on branding, motion graphics and digital illustration.

My enthusiasm and passion for design took me over to Bogota, capital city of Colombia, where I had the opportunity to learn the newest techniques to create interfaces and experiences for many audiences. There I had the opportunity to be part of an interactive agency and become Art Director where I worked hand by hand with a group of highly talented and skilled people.

At this moment I am living in Barranquilla - Colombia and working remotely at Zemoga Inc. as Senior UX Designer.